Dispersion plasters and paints

The cellulose fibers GREENCEL are multipurpose tool for dispersion plasters and paints. Universal application offers specific benefits and create key characteristics of a final product.

Dispersion paints

  • Facade paints
  • Paints with firming effects
  • 3D plasters and decorative plasters
  • Interior coatings as thermal insulation


  • Synthetic resins plasters
  • Decorative paints
  • Facade paints

Bonding agents


  • Create a homogenous mixture
  • Rheology control
  • Possible control of open time
  • Light filler = lower weight
  • Firming effect = less micro cracks
  • Better workability and application
  • Reduction of holes and micro cracks
  • Reinforce, reduce slipping, increase adhesive capacity

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